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These are just some of the applications we have developed.


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Built for Sola Technolgies Pty Ltd, this large-scale program has been developed over six years to achieve a world-class result.  The program assists in all phases in the production of spectacle lenses, from order entry right through inventory management and CNC interfacing to the debtors system. 

Highly accurate lens layout calculations reduce staff checking time, lower wastage levels and give the end-user the best result possible.

Electronic ordering from remote clients, including trace information, is a key feature. This uses modem-to-modem or FTP communications depending on the client's site. 

Sophisticated job-costing, including allowance for jobs done between several branches, has allowed the client to monitor and report on job margins and the effect of wastage. 

A wide variety of CNC interfaces means that all machinery has the data loaded directly from the database, leading to less time per load and a far greater accuracy. 

Detailed job-tracking and time-of-completion data based on the actual makeup of the job give the client a proactive ability to ensure jobs are kept on-track and on-time.

Language:  CA-Visual Objects

Data:            MS-SQL




Aimed at small to medium enterprises, this program carries out the usual tasks associated with invoicing and inventory control in a wholesale warehouse.  Based on a simple but powerful user interface, it quickly and easily allows even staff with low computer skills to carry out the basic tasks.

Orders can be entered either to invoice directly, or as an order to be picked and confirmed before converting to an invoice.

The debtors system tracks invoices and payments, and prints period statements.

The data is stored in a powerful MS-SQL database, leading to less data corruption and greater integrity compared to other file based systems. 

Analysis tools using the database give the user extremely useful feedback from the transactional data, which can be used for making decisions about the business. 

Language:  MS C#

Data:            MS-SQL



Specifically designed for the pamphlet distribution business, this program manages the order collation, billing and payments for each distribution job.  It prints out collated work sheets for areas, picking sheets for area preparation, invoices the client and prepares remittance advices for contractors engaged to distribute the pamphlets.

A sophisticated charging model allows a high degree of flexibility between areas and jobs, automating what can be a complicated manual process.

Using a very fresh and modern user interface, this program is designed for users with little computer experience, but giving them extremely powerful features.

Data is stored in a robust MS-SQL database, leading to less data corruption and greater integrity compared to other file based systems.

Language:  MS C#

Data:            MS-SQL




This is a simple application aimed at people who wish to monitor and review their progress towards a particular goal. 

It allows the user to enter scores for any number of parameters over a period of time. 

Uses could include:

  • Scores of body weight, waist girth, standing heart rate and steps per day or other parameters in a weight reduction program.
  • Recording progress in some form of medical rehabilitation or recovery program.
  • Monitoring health parameters during a pregnancy.
  • Monitoring a diabetic condition.
  • Showing progress towards a financial goal, such as a savings plan or budget.
  • Tracking progress towards any other goal in life!

Results can be viewed later, or graphed for an easier grasp of the data. 

The main aim of the program is to give the user some positive feedback from their regime. This will help people to stick to their program and gives a greater chance of them achieving their desired goals.

Language:  MS C#

Data:            XML files




This application is part of a larger suite which handles the operations of a busy call-service centre.  Messages for clients are received by service staff and then logged to a SQL database. Tthe eServer process monitors the SQL table for new messages.  As it finds a new message, it can take a number of actions based on the profile for the client involved.  This could be any number of from the possibilities of raising an SMS message, sending an email or a fax, or contacting a pager.  The outcome of each task is visible to staff members to allow them to take follow-up action if necessary.

As well as reacting to new messages, eServer carries out a number of recurring scheduled tasks for clients, such as daily reminders or sending reports of call activity for previous periods.  Non-recurring scheduled tasks can also be handled by the system.

Language:  MS C#

Data:            MS-SQL



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